Church Memorable Moments

Church Memorable Moments


Psalms 16:7 reads that God will speak to us through visions and dreams. lt also says in Psalms 63:6 you will remember thee upon my bed and meditate on thee in the night watch". This is exactly what happened to me one night as I lay awake on my "night watch". I had a vision. From a very early age on I have always believed in carrying out instructions. Having experienced this very vivid vision was for me getting an instruction directly from God. This has ever since instilled in me a compelling passion to produce a book recording the most memorable moments occurring in churches all over the world.

Envisaged Purpose of This Book

The purpose of this book and my objective thereto is for believers and non believers, when reading of these very real memorable moments in the everyday life of churches, to laugh, relax and enjoy the sometimes humorous and sometimes less humorous but serious side of everyday church. It is at such times, when the reader is perhaps letting down his or her barrier, and being in a receptive mood, that I would like to, in a subtle way, introduce them to Jesus and His Kingdom by referring to verses of scripture woven into the tales of Memorable Moments as told in the book. This book will consist of real life short stories (no longer than half a page), submitted by ordinary people and clergy alike worldwide. I would like to make use of as many stories as possible with a view that the book should be an easy read to be picked up at time just to explore a page or two. It is then, while chuckling at some funny tales, or marvelling about a miracle, that the reader will also be made aware of the wonder of God's Word. Memorable Moments could be any of the following:

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